Italian Film Society

image002.jpgThursday, 29th November 2007 7:30pm Entry is £7 by RSVP or £8 at the door The Italian Film Society of London dates back to 1915 but has ceased to exist for many decades. It's revival took place on 19 September at the Horse Hospital with a screening of the legendary 8 1/2 by Fellini to a audience of over 80 people. The Italian Film Society is back. The Italian Film Society cordially invites you to Mediterraneo Gabrielle Salvatores - (1991) - 96 minutes This film won an Oscar in 1992 for Best Foreign Language Film. A beautiful, clever comedy which plays on the nature of both Greeks and Italians in a rather unbelievable story as far as the total isolation of a platoon of Italian soldiers on a Greek island for the entire duration of the World War II. But the beauty of the comedy is based on this very isolation and the way these soldiers became part of the community on the island, which was deprived of the men who were taken prisoners by the Germans or were away fighting the war. The humor is intensive, logical and tangible and the conversations brilliant especially in the original languages. For those who know the character of both Greeks and Italians this film will be considered wonderful and worth seeing it more than once. The comedy is not an effort to make the evils of the war appearing unimportant but an appreciation that soldiers on both sides of a conflict have a lot in common rather than differences. The direction of Gabrielle Salvatores at its best. Details: 7:30 aperitif courtesy of Peroni and Stormhoek Winery 8:00 screening starts Entry is £7 by RSVP or £8 at the door Space is limited; Kindly RSVP total number of guests to (visit for more info)