Doors open at 7pm, event begins promptly at 7.30pm

£5 Entry on door



Curated by Tereza Stehlikova

"The idea behind this salon is to approach moving image from the perspective of its physical attributes, literally through exploring the 'language of matter'. Based on Jan Svankmajer’s idea of physical objects being accumulators of memories through their contact with the world, I have invited a number of artists from different disciplines to show some of the particular ways in which they draw stories from matter, be it through the power of language, narrative, sound, touch, movement, or various intriguing combinations of these."


Stephen Cornford is a sculptor working with music, sound and noise. His interests lie in the relationship between the physical and spatial attributes of sounding objects, musical instruments and audio technologies and their acoustic properties or timbral characteristics.

Ryan Edquist is an artist, educator, and filmmaker and his practice is an exploration of fundamental experiences, the moments before, during, and after something transforms into the comprehensible.

Adam Graddon is an artist working with a wide range of materials creating installations which question the familiar.

Akhila Krishnan with musicians Rachael Perrin, Laetitia Stott, Jonathan Ang

Breathe is a collaboration between three musicians and one artist, interested in exploring the sonic and visual textures of everyday household items found within the transitory spaces of a house.

Deborah Levy is a writer who works across a number of media: fiction, performance, visual culture. After graduating from Dartington College of Arts, Levy wrote a number of plays acclaimed for their "intellectual rigour and visual imagination" (Marina Warner).

Paprikaland is a remote planet where a group of object-refugees from ordinary life gather to play with anything palpable around them.  It is a place where objects fight against their conventional identities to become creatures full of life and personality.

Tereza Stehlíková is an artist and a filmmaker, currently involved in a PhD research at the Royal College of Art. Her research is focused on capturing and communicating embodied memory through touch while using the expressive vocabulary of moving image.

Paul Whitty is a composer and sound artist who is currently engaged in a series of interventions using scores, locations and sound-making devices; re-reading, re-organising, re-distributing and re-sounding what he finds.