Thursday 6th April, 7.30pmdoors 7.30pm, entry UKP 7 / 5 members / concessions Chirpy chirpy baby!! The Z Film Festival is an annual Chicago-based festival of microcinema, aiming to "showcase movies that defy or redefine boundaries & test the limits of acceptability", which basically means an hour of total fucking lunatic animated & live-action obscenity & bafflement. This programme gathers together the best of the Z Film Festivals into a genius night of unforgettable shorts, curated by Usama and Kristie Alshaibi, the nastiest husband and wife film programming team in the world!! Includes Chirpy by John Goras, banned by Westminster Council in 2002!

440.0 Hz; Michele Beck and Jorge Calvo (3 minutes) Lucky; Debra Tolchinsky (2 minutes) Do You Find Me Attractive?; Jason Moran (3 minutes) The Bats; Jim Trainor (8 minutes) Hey Mister, You're in the Girls' Room; Carey Burtt (5 minutes) Convulsion Expulsion; Usama and Kristie Alshaibi (3 minutes) Je ne regrette rien; Meg McCarville (3 minutes) Hambone; Steve Hall & Cathee Wilkins (3 minutes) I Love Jesus; Anne Hanavan (2 minutes) Lucille; Enid Baxter Blader (2 minutes) X is Y; Richard Kern (4 minutes) Proxy; Mark Hejnar (7 minutes) Two Paths of Supplication; Michael Laughlin (2 Minutes) Christian Ways; Piotr Tokarski (6 minutes) Chirpy; John Goras (12 minutes) showing with: BLOOD OF A POET Jean Cocteau (1930) With new score by Tristan Burfield (2006) Tristan Burfield blends the surreal ambience of Cocteau's silent classic Blood of a Poet with his own surreally ambient electronic score. "The edgy surreal ambient soundtrack parallels Cocteau's dreamy subconsious visual ambience", he says. He's the man. Plus, he sent it in this dinky little handmade DVD case, which was pretty neat.