(horribly at the hands of Traffic Wardens)Thursday 13th April, 7.30pm entry UKP 7 / 5 members / concessions "If you are a bit of a Goth and a suicidal type, then instead of listening to Marilyn Manson and Slipknot, go and watch The War Game and Threads in one night and see if you can keep your drugs and pot noodles down," said Amazon. Care to try? THE WAR GAME Peter Watkins (1965), 48mins Originally banned in Britain so as not to put us off our tea. & THREADS Mick Jackson (1984), 110mins Global horror as the BBC detonate a nuclear bomb in Sheffield in an attempt to stop the Human League from releasing Love & Dancing, one of Martin Rushent's finest productions. Featuring the only screen appearance of Anne Sellors as "woman who urinates herself". "I had to shower after seeing this film" Imdb