Vive Le Punk 20th Anniversary Screening

DOORS 7:30 FREE (First come first serve)

Remarkably after 20 years of flying under the radar, breaking all the rules, challenging the system and championing the outsider, The Horse Hospital has despite adversity, survived and transformed by operating outside of the mainstream, to provide London with a truly alternative, “alternative”. We are kicking off our very special anniversary year with a FREE triple bill of films to celebrate the spirit that has fuelled us. Join us this year for an exciting year long programme made possible with the support of Arts Council England, highlights include:

Morton Bartlett solo show, an exhibition from the Coil archives, retrospective of counter-cultural Israeli 60′s art collective, The 3rd Eye & Jacques Katmor, Leanne Castillo’s Hobo King & Queen portraits, Basha exhibition – unsung heroine of 1970s French poster art, TV Party marathon, Soviet horror - Viy, a series of Strange Attractor events, Horror life drawing with Stephen Fowler, Harry Crews tribute, a Sci-Fi Feminism event to name but a few plus special screenings, musical performances and events by Horse Hospital collaborators both old and new. It promises to be an amazing year!

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Vive Le Punk – The Horse Hospital 1993

Another chance to see this fascinating documentary of The Chamber of Pop Culture’s very first exhibition in 1993. The documentary features Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren talking in depth about their designs and is a valuable insight into how they broke all the rules of convention and inspired a generation. To the best of our knowledge this is the only time that they have been filmed together discussing their legacy.


We Are the Lambeth Boys - Karel Reisz 1959

The film takes a sympathetic approach to an aspect of working-class life largely neglected by commercial British cinema. Lambeth Boys attempts to deliver a positive portrait of the lives of ordinary teenagers, far from the usual violent 'Teddy Boy' stereotype. It is a naturalistic depiction of the members of a South London boys' club, which was unusual in showing the leisure life of working-class teenagers as it was, with skiffle music and cigarettes, cricket, drawing and discussion groups.

Lambeth Boys was shot over six weeks in the summer of 1958 in and around the Alford House, a youth club in the Oval area of South London. It follows a group of teenagers giving them space to express their frustrations and aspirations.


Dressing For Pleasure – John Samson 1977

Here the subject of fetishism in clothing - rubber, latex, leather - is explored. Features SEX, the boutique run by Malcolm McLaren (manager of the Sex Pistols at the time) and Vivienne Westwood on the Kings Road, London. Central to the film is a magnificent studio set constructed mainly by Samson himself in the shape of the fetish magazine Atomage with actual turning pages and photographs which come to life. The film was banned at the time by London Weekend Television and has become one of those rare films more quoted than seen