Trent Harris Retrospective

DO NOT MISS kinoKULTURE and The Horse Hospital in conjunction with Chris Campion are proud to present a two day retrospective of the films of TRENT HARRIS. Underground and cult filmmaker extraordinaire, Harris' work will be screening on Saturday August 2nd and Sunday August 3rd 2003.

" The real lesson to be learnt from Harris' journey as a film-maker is that if you dedicate yourself to following your passions they will lead you on a spiralling path that inevitably circles back to where you came from, forcing you to confront the 'I' enclosed in the pyramid of the world. " Chris Campion Saturday August 2nd Rubin & Ed 82 min / The Wild Goose Chronicles 25 min Sunday August 3rd The Beaver Trilogy 83 min / The Cement Ball of Earth, Heaven, and Hell 54 mins Rubin and Ed stars Crispin Glover & Howard Hesseman and Karen Black, while the Wild Goose Chronicles tells the real life story of the inspiration behind the film. The Beaver Trilogy ( BEAVER KID, BEAVER KID 2, and ORKLY KID ) stars Crispin Glover, Sean Penn and Groovin' Gary. Los Angeles Critics Association awarded Beaver Trilogy BEST INDEPENDENT/EXPERIMENTAL FILM OF 2001 What the critics are saying... "A rivetingly strange, multilayered inquiry into celebrity, obsession and serendipity." New York Times - A.O. Scott "By far the most exciting and heart-breaking piece of cinema this critic has seen in years." IndieWIRE - Aaron Krach "Filmmaker Trent Harris is a genuine maverick who has poisted his first piece of genius." The Times London - James Christopher "Both guileless found art object and beautifully crafted pop fantasia...Beaver Trilogy is destined to go down as the coolest footnote to any number of careers." Filmmaker Magazine "Of all the films that have ever been or will be, nothing compares to Beaver Trilogy." Sundance Film Festival "A stunning and complex exercise, an elaborate karaoke-upon-karaoke that snaps right into place with contemporary obsessions." New York Press - Ed Halter "I would strongly recommend your taking a look at Trent Harris's Beaver Trilogy, a work that's as strange and rare as a fire-dwelling salamander." The Nation Magazine - Stuart Klawans "Beaver Trilogy is so perfect, so odd, and so affecting that you will feel you're in the presence of a minor miracle or some strange form of beatitude." New York Video Festial - Lincoln Center Article from Film Comment magazine New York Video Festival: Cover Versions: Fact and fiction are up for grabs in Beaver Trilogy, an authentic one-of-a-kind video oddity by Chris Chang The remake is a tricky thing. On the one hand it raises the issue of an absence of ideas in the culture industry. On the other it paves the way for projects that provide a modicum of perverse fascination. (Think Terry Gilliam remaking La Jet