The London Underground Film Sessions: JUNE

DOORS: 7:30pm

Discounted advance tickets are available at: or 5GBP at the door.

The London Underground Film Sessions is back at The Horse Hospital with another eclectic selection of cinematic wonders. Curated by Robert W. Monk, the event promises to be a night of macabre delights and visionary oddities.


THE MISFORTUNES OF VENUS Emily England, 7min. (2011)

Emily Rose England is a London-based photographer and film maker. The Misfortunes of Venus is a surreal and dreamlike piece taking aspects of classical mythology and juxtaposing them with the contemporary creating a powerful and provocative work.


Hannah Beadman’s often experimental work deals with the facets of life and understanding that are sometimes hidden within the psyche. Tatyana and Vera in Underground Forest aka A Woodcutter’s Tale is set deep within the Russian forest and explores the relationship between love and violence. Hannah’s work has been shown at the BFI and film festivals world wide as well as last year’s London Underground Film Festival.

DON'T GO TO THEBES Dr Duncan Reekie, 5min

Dr. Duncan Reekie is one of the most important names associated with London’s underground film scene. As well as making films and being involved with experimental cinema since the 1980s, his book Subverted: The Definitive History of Underground Cinema is an invaluable tool in making sense of the often convoluted and contradictory worlds of non-mainstream film. In this special performance, Duncan accompanies his own film ‘Don’t Go To Thebes’ with what he describes as ‘live ranting’. 'Forget the throne, leave the sphinx alone.....'

THE SORCERERS Michael Reeves, 87min (1967)

Our feature film is Michael Reeves’s classic chiller The Sorcerers. Made when Reeves was just 24 – tragically he died two years later – The Sorcerers was the second of his fully credited three films after the camp hilarity of The She Beast and before the gloriously bleak ‘medieval Western’ that was Witchfinder General.

While his first film had mischievous laughs, The Sorcerers is an altogether stranger beast. This everyday tale of mind-control and of the old living vicariously through the eyes of the young has a broad and timeless appeal. Visually impressive on a small budget, it delivers jumps and scares from a taut, sharp, ideas packed script. The production boasts star turns from Boris Karloff and Ian Ogilvy as well as a hip, swinging soundtrack befitting of Sixties London.

Reeves took plenty of risks on set – at one stage blowing up a car in North London without permission – and this recklessness and sheer joy of filmmaking comes through loud and clear on screen. So grab a drink, sit back, relax and let The Sorcerers take over.

DJ Dee Rüsche

Musical interludes will be provided by Dee Rüsche, known for his work as co-conspirator behind the Divine Incest club and as noise artiste in Oral Oral.