The International Festival of Cinema and Technology

Friday 7th December 7:30pm£7/£5 members & concessions IFCT is a non-profit organization now in its 6th year and dedicated to "discovering the undiscovered film." Each year the festival presents touring events showcasing the best of international cinema and highlighting digital innovation. One of the festival's main focus points is experimental cinema and animation from around the world. The experimental content truly is an international selection from European countries, South America, Asia, Australia/New Zealand and US/Canada. So lots of experimental films never before seen in the UK. MORE INFO>>>>

The Untrue Bird Bird Built my Ba-Ba-Bomb (music video to rock to) Till Konig Germany london07_clip_image003-1 copy.jpg COMMUNAUTÉ RAPHAËL GIRAULT France london07_clip_image005-1.jpg Cosmic Fridge Raphael Siboni France london07_clip_image007.jpg Argumente Philipp von Werther Germany Argumente is a satire on the tole of media as an instrument of propaganda. In mass media, the interpretation of the author becomes information for the viewer. In this movie, a representative for War (G.W. Bush) as well as a representative for Terror have, once again, the opportunity to justify themselves. Being well informed, the viewer can decide who is right. Or can he? Post-Oil Man James W Johnson US Since people may think this guy is an idiot,he is getting prepared for life after oil. london07_clip_image009.jpg Johnson has studied and made art for more than 30 years. While being primarily a painter, he has produced a large and complex body of work which includes over 1800 unique pieces in a wide variety of mediums such painting, video, drawing, sculpture, etching, digital, mixed media and furniture. James W Johnson has participated in over 150 exhibitions worldwide and has over 600 pieces included in more than 200 public and private collections on five continents. Dead End Claude Pérès France deadend copy.jpg A ballet of hundred images of the world, war, fight, sex, love, hope, dream, violence, happiness... Noturno Daniel Aalaroli Brazil london07_clip_image011.jpg In one dark room, fantastic beings appear as specters of an old cinema. Häschen in der Grube (The White Bunny) Katja Straub Germany london07_clip_image013.jpg Transformation in a train compartment. "The White Bunny" explores the conscious and sub-conscious longings of the human mind, told through the story of a woman, an injured boy, a small girl in a red dress, and a white bunny. A tale of four strangers as they travel together on a visual exploration of pain, love, memory, and the loss of innocence. The woman's trauma reveals itself through the haunting form of a German nursery rhyme and we follow her into her past. Obscura Andre Lascaris USA london07_clip_image015.jpg Obscura is about a lonely artist with photosensitivity who creates a unique projection system to view his beloved neighbor. Recipient of the Hollywood Press Award from the AFI, LA-based cinematographer Andre Lascaris began his career as a fashion photographer. His first major exhibition in New York's Soho led him to begin experimenting with film, and from there to his life as a cinematographer. Over the next 5 years his narrative work took him on projects all over the world: the United States, Central and South America, and across Africa from coast to coast. During this time he has had the pleasure of working with a wide array of talented filmmakers, including Bill Butler, ASC (The Conversation, Jaws). Andre is currently busy launching The Armory, a Los Angeles based film and commercial production company. O petroleo e nosso? (The oil is ours) Uriel Perrera Brazil In a desert, two peoples, of cultures completely distinct, they fight for the ownership of the oil and the imposition of its commercial products. Milwaukee to Portage Stacy Barton USA As the day progresses, it becomes evident that this trip isn't about where you're going but how you get there. ArcLight Jason Britski Canada london07_clip_image017.jpg Arc Light is a film essentially about travel. It is the second part in a series of North American landscape films that I have been shooting since 2003. The central aim of the film is to formally examine two of the most photographed landscapes on earth. Simple formal devices are utilized in creating this simple portrait of Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. Jason Britski is an independent film and video-maker, who is based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. In 1991 he received his BA (Advanced) in History from the University of Saskatchewan, and in 1997 he received his BFA in Film Production from the University of Regina. Jason has worked in a variety of positions in the film industry as a producer, director, cinematographer, videographer, sound recordist, and in all areas of post-production. In 2004, Jason and Ian Toews created a documentary TV series, Landscape as Muse, which is broadcast on Bravo!, SCN, and Knowledge Network in Canada. In 2006, Jason and Dianne Ouellette created a documentary TV series, Truth or Tale, which will begin broadcast in 2007 on SCN. Jason is currently a member of the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association, Blackchair Distribution, and the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. Genesis Sébastien Pesot Canada Genesis copy.jpg Read by an astronaut from apolla 8 mission, the video is inspired by a text from the bible which describes the beginning of the universe. Sébastien Pesot, a founding of Perte de Signal, received a BFA in art history at Université de Montréal in 1996,and an MFA at the École des arts visuels et médiatiques de Montréal (UQAM) in 1999. His recent productions have appeared in about a hundred festivals and events, including the Tampere International Short Film Festival(Finland), Wro 01 and 03, media arts biennial (Poland) or Chroma (Mexico) where he was awarded the public prize for best video. His work presents an electronically transformed universe in which the real is represented through visual metaphors. SOUVENIR Stephen Rose USA SouvenirPromoStillWeb.jpeg Low-tech meets high concept in this bittersweet fable of epic proportions shot entirely with a toy camera. SOUVENIR'S Writer, Director, Art Director, & Music Composer, Stephen Rose's Biography: Film making has been at the center of the various interests that Stephen has undertaken, and directing is probably the job that best describes what he is most interested in. His remarkable projects have always had the distinction of being a bold mix of wildly original visions - fused with deeply heartfelt material. He graduated from college with a degree in theater, but has a large repertoire of interests that have become a source for many different projects. These include original theater pieces, making films, designing - building - and working in haunted attractions at Halloween, creating original props for the film industry, writing music, writing a book, and creating his own artwork to name a few. He considers his house the biggest and most personal project - which is a spectacular working and living space completely filled with his artwork, collections, and various eccentricities that create a sort of hyper visually overloaded environment. The Zoo Jamie Raap Germany/London london07_clip_image021.jpg Zeitguised's love for the artificial and strange is shown in their disrespectful handling of 3d geometries and disobeying the rules of animation narrative, but has earned them no underground fame so far.