Tenderflix 2016, Better Living




Tenderflix is an international experimental film and video competition organised by Tenderpixel. In its 9th year in 2016 we received over 350 submissions for the theme, Better Living. Originally related to the design field, this notion genuinely echoes a wider strive to imagine better structures for building all aspects of our lives – most importantly in terms of aesthetics, economics and social relations.

The shortlisted 11 films will be screened and the winner of the competition will be announced and awarded the £1000 cash prize.

FILMS Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry, A Mountain Close Up is Only Rock Dagmar Schürrer, I Want To Be Like You Alyona Larionova, Across Lips Sarah Cockings & Harriet Fleuriot, Plasma Vista Lidija Kononenko, Intimacy in Four Acts: A Conversation with a Friend Evy Jokhova, A House for a Mouse Jeremy Hutchison, i- Natalia Skobeeva, Lewis Carroll Meets Godzilla Emma Critchley, Unfold Gary Zhexi Zhang, lacoste1 The School of the Event Horizon (Steven Ounanian, Kate Pickering, Emily Rosamond), Triple Bottom Line

JURY Josephine Curtis, executive producer of Liberation Films Etan Ilfeld, founder of Tenderpixel Gallery Lawrence Lek, artist and winner of the 2015 Tenderflix Prize

The Tenderflix Prize is generously supported by the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation.

More info: www.tenderpixel.com/exhibitions/tenderflix-2016