T.V. TERRORISM: Audio/Visual Assault

8PM-Midnight £5

T.V. TERRORISM  An evening of live A/V performances and playback by Toronto pioneers of visual music. An audio/visual overdose of media simultaneously video and music detourned through video edits, where picture matches sound, cut for cut, beat for beat, for a serendipitous sensory unity, a synesthesia of intensity, a semi-gemastaltkunst for the youtube generation. These televisionaries manifest a collision of IDM, video art, mash-up, VJ culture, and experimental electronic music and contemporary club culture, bridging the gaps between the sofa, the club and the art gallery.

Jubal Brown, Toronto CA // Emad Dabiri, Toronto CA // Nwodtlem, Toronto CA



TOTAL WAR / Jubal Brown / 2008 / 53min / DVD /

Toronto based video master of the mash-up, Jubal Brown's, TOTAL WAR lifts off at a symphonic scale, proffering a dystopian take on the lure and the lurid on view via mass media today.  A wild dissection of contemporary capture culture and Hollywood cinema, Brown's complexly structured abstract narrative treatise on the violence of the image, largely sourced from YouTube,  recall's Baudrillard’s take on the triumph of banality in contemporary society, “…. murder of the secret of the image, drowned by hyper-visibility, by unconditional transparency” (2004)  Brown shamanicly “wears” the skin of this murder in TOTAL WAR and shows that as viewers, we exist in the same arena as those hunted via the computerized killing screens in Iraq, or out for a night with the boys shooting rabbits or deer or boar – anything that will die, or just killing time on the couch with a bunch of drunk, bored youth.  In TOTAL WAR it’s all the same gnawing at the base of consciousness.

Intermission with DJ TBA


Live A/V set / Nwodtlem / 25min /

Abrasive and unsettling rhythmic sights and sounds pillaged from cinematic sources and the cesspool that is YouTube. Blending, stuttering, and arranging clips in a frenetic fashion to achieve something that is equal parts cutups, breakcore, and modern video culture. Expect live mixed broken clip video dance music that will confuse, amuse, rock, and shock.

VERY METAL / Jubal Brown / 15min / Live A/V set / Eye blistering hardcore A/V visual music cut-up of popular and underground music and video including slices of cannibal corpse, metalica, lil wayne, bruce springsteen, slayer, beyonce, motorhead, kanye west, ...maximum sex and death dance floor crasher.

Live A/V set / Emad Dabiri / 20min /

Infinity Dose is a once-a-day treatment for chronic desensitization and lethargy.  Ongoing double-blind trials have shown marked improvements in deep brain stimulation, signal acquisition, and erectile dysfunction.  Psychic driving is administered via the live application of highly sequenced aural / visual stimuli to achieve successful depatterning in the subject.  The result is visceral and rhythmic; information overload through the regurgitation of media waste.

*Retinal scaring may ensue.  Not recommended for those who may be pregnant or breastfeeding.

A/V set / Black Larva / 40min

"Black Larva" aka Henry Collins/Shitmat & Joseph Jowers, Wrong Music http://www.wrongmusic.co.uk

Spooky live audio visual experiments from Black Larva's terrible disco darkroom

these artists represent dropFRAME, an A/V label, and a group of video artists, performers, and producers expanding the scope of the emerging scene of video-music through dvd releases, video shows, instalations, tours and workshops. We are dedicated to being at the forefront of the plundered world of audio video production. Our intention is to bridge the gaps between the sofa, the club and the art gallery.


JUBAL BROWN is a video maker, multi-media artist, organizer, and writer based in Toronto. He has shown extensively in Europe and North America. His projects consistently challenge boundaries of watchability, pushing limits of spectatorship, often manifesting an amoral barrage of mindless directionless energy, often as a hilarious, tragic and beautiful collision of despair and longing. Most known for his performance of vomiting in primary colors onto classic modernist paintings as they hung in major museums, other past projects include The Cult of PO-PO, Toronto's legendary WASTELAND event series, ART SYSTEM Cultural centre, FAMEFAME, the VIDEODROME live A/V event series, and relational aesthetics instances UNKNOWN UNKNOWN and THE LAND OF THE LOST.



nwodtleM is a Toronto based video music artist and founding member of the brand new A/V DVD Label dropFRAME. Cutting up video to create oddly amusing and hard hitting tracks that tickle the funny bone and kick the ass at the same time. Plunderphonic cut ups collide for a multi-sensory attack which was described by Exclaim! Magazine as “micro-cinema meets post-rave mashdown”, whatever the hell that means. From 2004-2007 nwodtleM aka Sean Marven was living in Brighton and an active member of Wrong Music, doing several tours, running side room at the monthly night at the Volks Tavern and putting out digital and vinyl releases on Wrong Music and it's sub labels. Back in his hometown of Toronto, Sean has co-founded the new a/v label dropFRAME out of the dead and bloated remains of his former audio label Here's My Card Records. Sean now takes his skewed esthetics and enthusiasm to screens and sound systems from everywhere from dingy bars to art galleries having performed his video show at events with Shitmat, Realicide, end.user, Cardopusher, and Ebola just to name a few in Canada, Ireland, England and the USA.


Emad Dabiri is a Toronto based video, installation, and performance artist and recent graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design. His work is invested heavily in the

the live application of the montage, mash-up, and cut-up forms towards the disintegration and reinterpretation of existing cultural artifacts, whereby specific fragments of mass media and pop/sub-culture are digitally captured, dissected into their most basic and microscopic temporal forms and rewoven into new cultural artifacts through montage editing.  This work is embodied in a continuing and expanding project titled Infinity Dose.


DVDs and merchandise available