Screamstation Fest

Screening is on November 22, 8 pm, doors 7.30pm.  Admission is free but voluntary donations are welcome.

Sound, like scent seems to be such a potent carrier of memory, as well as being a powerful influence on the formation of the sense of identity’ David Toop

We sometimes say that a particular piece of music can take us places, bring back memories, reach our soul or simply make us do something involuntarily, such as laugh, cry, move or dance. Equally so, image can provoke a similar response.

Screamstation Fest is a film event that explores that on-going relationship between sound and image in contemporary experimental and narrative cinema.

The selection consists of twenty three films by authors that draw from art, film, media, popular culture and philosophy. It includes work from established artists such as Candice Breitz and Malcolm Le Grice but also introduces work from no less talented less known filmmakers, time-based media artists and the like.

The viewer is invited to constantly re-adjust to the new situation in regards to the sound and image, and that may consequently provoke a better understanding of the subject.

Those who will benefit the most from this event are filmmakers, sound designers, artists, researchers, film students and those invested in multimedia. The event is curated by Zhel Vukicevic, a time-based media artist whose recent work and doctoral research links work on film sound with contemporary accounts of ethics and spectatorship.


(in no particular order):

Aiwa to Zen / Germany (Director: Candice Breitz, 2003) — 11:31min View / South Korea (Director: Grace Nayoon Rhee, 2009) — 5:35min Mare Mer Mere / USA (Director: Hannah Beadman, 2001) —12min MASS / Germany (Director: Henning M. Lederer, 2011) — 5:58 min Analog Vinyl Sampling / Spain (Director: Ishac Bertran, 2011) — 3:52min Enigmatica Mars / Australia (Director: Kit Webster, 2010) — 4min 24min At The End Before The Beginning / Germany (Director: Matthias Winckelmann, 2012) —7:20min LOOPLOOP / Canada (Director: Patrick Bergeron, 2008) —5min 2012 / UK (Director: Kerry Baldry, 2012) — 1min Meat / Argentina (Director: Sebastián López, 2010) —4:17min Burn / USA (Director: Reynolds Reynolds, 2002) —10min _grau / Germany (Director: Robert Seidel, 2004) —10:01min Droplets / Germany (Director: Simon Fiedler, 2011) —2:45min Bloodthirsty / Turkey (Director: Volkan Ergen, 2009) —1:26min Bernoulli Trial or: How Nothing Stays The Same In Two Different Minds / UK (Director: Zhel, 2012) —5:18min A Marvellous Negative Capability / UK (Director: Beth Fox, 2012) —8:39min The Audition / USA ( Director: Celia Rowlson-Hall, 2012) —3:28min Negotiating Representation in Israel and Palestine / UK (Director: Huw Wahl, 2012) — 14:23min Garden / UK (Director: Michaela Nettell, 2012) —3:48min The Juiced Carrots / Canada ( Director: Paul Whittington, 2009) —2:57min Berlin Horse / UK (Director: Malcolm Le Grice, 1970) —8min Tiny Inconsistencies / USA (Director: Raymond Salvatore Harmon, 2008) —4:49min Float / Germany (Director: Susie Sie, 2011) —6min

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