Roots of the Earthman + Farewell Good Brothers with Mark Pilkington




To mark the closing of Welcome Space Brothers: The Unarius Academy of Science, The Horse Hospital and Strange Attractor present a double bill of screenings introduced by Mark Pilkington author of 'Mirage Men'.


Roots of the Earthman, Parts 1 - 2, The Unarius Academy of Science, 1981

The Unarius follow-up to their legendary UFO encounter film "The Arrival". Roots finds Zan returning to his tribe after his encounter with the higher beings from another planet. Coming back from a hunt, bearing what sounds like tall tales rather than meat, he encounters tremendous resistance and hostility from tribal members. How to relate this new and possibly unpopular understanding to others of his world? Roots of the Earthman is about the lives and controversies of these prehistoric humans. These landmark films, inspired and guided by Uriel, utilized the tool of psychodrama to help Unarius students recognize and overcome karmic past-live expressions.


Farewell Good Brothers, Robert Stone, 1991

An affectionate portrait of the 1950s American contactee movement, men and women who travelled beyond Earth to bring the message of the flying saucers from Outer Space to You.

Featuring rare archive footage and interviews with some of the architects of the 1950s UFO movement, Farewell Good brothers explores one of the most influential and controversial American spiritual movements of the 20th century. Amongst others you will meet George King, the London chauffeur turned LA-based intergalactic prophet, Howard and Connie Metzger, who found love in outer space, and missile engineer Daniel Fry who flew aboard a flying saucer with his alien companion, Alan. At a time when paranoia and xenophobia were cultural norms in America, these are people dared to imagine worlds beyond their own and share the wisdom of the space brothers with the rest of us trapped on planet Earth.


This exhibition is presented in association with Strange Attractor Press.