Review of Jack StevensonKULTURE

Article by Mark Stevens.

The name Jack Stevenson (a man perhaps best described as a 'film archaeologist') should be familiar to anyone reading this magazine. In town to present shows of trash cinema and war propaganda movies, Stevenson was curating both a campfest (Maria Montez, George Kuchar, William Castle) on Friday 7th and a warfest on Saturday 8th at London's best kept secret, the ever-wonderful Horse Hospital. Time and money meant I could only attend one night. Sensitivity to the zeitgeist, combined with the shitty attitude I've developed of late, meant that it was no real contest - bollocks to kitsch, we want war, war, war, preferably in glorious Technicolor! First up were a couple of reminders that the past truly is a foreign land. YOUR JOB IN GERMANY and YOUR JOB IN JAPAN are two films produced by Frank Capra's legendary film unit designed to instruct occupying US forces in Germany and Japan. The former tells us that, despite the death camps having been liberated, Hitler's speeches having been silenced, Goebbels