ParadJarman: Last Films of the Living



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Sergei Paradjanov's Ashik Kerib (1988, Caucasus, 73 mins)

Derek Jarman's Blue (1993, UK, 79 mins)

A birthday double bill with readings.


Sergei Paradjanov (9.1.1924- 20.7.1990) was one of the key figures in world cinema and a visionary artist across multiple media. Marking the 90th anniversary of his birth (on 9th January), we are showing his last completed feature Ashik Kerib alongside Derek Jarman's Blue, also the director's final film; Both artists share huge affinities, in their social and cultural vanguard creativity, in their opposition to repression and in their amazing expressive achievement in many different forms.

Also anticipating Jarman's birthday at the end of January (31.1.1942 - 19.2.1994), this double bill screening, with selected readings from the work of both makers, offers a dialogue between image and sound - the fecund and delirious tableaux of Ashik Kerib meeting the dazzlingly layered sonic landscapes of Blue's singular colourfield. (thanks to James Mackay, Ailsa Ferrier and Artificial Eye). Curated and introduced by Gareth Evans.

This event is part of the London-wide season celebrating Derek Jarman's life and work (