Doors 7:30pm

TICKETS £8 (click here) £7 CONCS.

LSFF, in partnership with Animate Projects, explore the boundaries between documentary and experimental animation with a programme of short films that blur those borders. Whether documentary or something more observational, this film programme challenges what we understand as documentation in moving image with a varied selection of animated work alongside fascinating experiments on film. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion, including filmmakers and commentators.

The films screening come from the Animate Collection:

Tulips at Dawn Rosie Pedlow / 2002 / UK / 3" Diagrams of chemistry apparatus and educational film footage react and combine in this quirky interpretation of the poem "Modes of Representation" by Nobel Laureate chemist Roald Hoffmann. The film illustrates how technology changes the way we represent the world, with results that prove ironic and inconclusive.

Cobra Mist Emily Richardson / 2008 / UK / 7” Cobra Mist explores the relationship between the landscape of Orford Ness and the physical traces of its unusual military history.

Without You Tal Rosner / 2008 / UK / 5” Inspired by a poem by Josef Albers, Without You is a visual exploration of London's industrial suburbia. Focusing on an imaginary circle drawn at a 10 mile radius from Charing Cross, where the natural and manmade environments lie side by side in harmonic indifference, the film follows a colour-coded and surface-determined path, where identifiable or 'simple' forms are sculpted and submerged into one another, resolved only through the abstraction of their immense revealed complexity.

Magnetic Movie Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt / 2007 / UK / 5” Natural magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic, ever-changing geometries as scientists from NASA's Space Sciences Laboratory excitedly describe their discoveries. The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic, ever-changing geometries.

Proximity Lise Hansen / 2006 / UK, Norway / 4” An upside-down time-lapse camera is moved, frame by frame, on a track along a beach, inverting the ground and the sky. The camera moves through four shots recorded in different weather conditions. The result is a mysterious and disorienting space in accelerated time, where the originally solid ground at the top of the frame appears to be sliding past like a lava stream.

Feeling My Way Jonathan Hodgson / 1997 / UK / 6” Through the use of moving collages and painterly animation laid over Hi-8 footage, the viewer is able to share the traveller’s experiences and his mental reactions to the trials and triviality of urban existence.

Regarding Gardens Carolina Melis / 2012 / Italy, UK / 2” An animated film inspired by both the historic gardens of National Trust property, Ham House and Garden, and the estates 17th century owner, Elizabeth Dysart, who held the vision for the garden. The film presents a living portrait of the historic garden of Ham House. The animation is supported by the research of Garden History specialist Michael Ann Mullen and is accompanied by an original poem by Simon Barraclough and music by Julia Kent.

Bradley Manning Had Secrets Adam Butcher / 2011 / UK / 6” The story of Chelsea Manning (formerly known as Bradley), not as a Wikileaks ’hacktivist’, but as a young American soldier simultaneously going through a crisis-of-conscience and a crisis-of-gender-identity. Using Adrian Lamo’s chat logs of instant messenger conversations, the film explores issues of personal and political secrets, digital identity and alienation.

Centrefold Ellie Land / 2012 / UK / 9” When documentary filmmaker Ellie Land saw reports in the national press about an increasing trend in women undergoing labia surgery to neaten the appearance of their genitals, she set out to make a documentary exploring the subject.