No Deposit No Return Blues

Doors 7:30pm

Tickets £5 on door or you can buy them HERE

No Deposit No Return Blues (trt, 50 min)

By KC Bull

A documentary on psychedelic musician SANDY BULL, made by his daughter, local filmmaker KC Bull"Deposit No Return Blues" is a documentary K.C. Bull made about her father, psychadelic rock legend Sandy Bull. He played the role of the outsider, writing meditations on his instrument and bringing classical music to the cosmic happening. He was many things, but the way the film remembers him is through his instrument and how it connected him to the outside world.

In the early sixties, before such six-string heroes as Ry Cooder, Leo Kottke and Richard Thompson impressed with their ability to hop among and fuse musical genres, Sandy Bull glided from classical and jazz to ethnic music and rock & roll with grace and verve. Incorporating elements of folk, jazz and Indian and Arabic-influenced dronish modes, Bull's ethereal, psychedelic folk-rock recordings , which looked beyond American roots music for its inspiration, and performances made him a cult-hero to a generation of musicians and adventurous audiences. In 2001 Bull died of lung cancer, but not before his daughter began to fashion a personal portrait of a gifted musician and moving ode to a father and daughter relationship. The film is KC Bull's understated way of saying, "Have you heard of my dad? No? Oh, you should."

Also featuring a performance from Lewis Coyne whose beautiful original songs and avant-garde guitar compositions are firmly rooted in experimental mediaeval British folk music.