Saturday 4th February doors 7.30pm, entry 7 / 5 UKP members / concessions Hows Your News (Arthur Bradford, 1999, 82 mins) Given money by South Parks Matt Stone and Trey Parker to produce a feature film, our intrepid reporters embark on a wild, Scooby-Doo sized mission, travelling coast-to-coast across the States in a hand-painted RV. Interviewing famous TV stars, truckers, and auctioneers along the way, these five mentally and physically disabled journalists even freak out hitchhikers with their activist approach to reportage. Fab. PLUS Bruno S: Estrangement is Death (Miron Zownir, 2003, 60 mins) Bruno S. reached worldwide success with his performance in Werner Herzogs KASPAR HAUSER-movie. However, Bruno was rejected by his own family, and marked by his survival of medical experimentation during the Hitler-regime, and several periods of incarceration in psychiatric institutions. Deserted by Herzog after the appearance of the film, this documentary charts his subsequent forays into the artworld after his adoption by the Berlin underground scene. For further details of this wonderful film and its filmmakers please see