A Morton Bartlett Inspired Night of Films

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Family Found (2002)

This 16mm short documentary directed by Emil Harris, filmed in Boston Massachusetts in 2002, covers the life and work of the renowned self-taught artist Morton Bartlett. The film has since been screened in several museums internationally including the American Folk Art Museum in New York, The Contemporary Art Museum in California, The Intuit Art Gallery in Chicago and The Brighton and Hove Museum in England. The film contains an original music score by the highly acclaimed composer John Zorn.

The Love Statue LSD Experience (1965)

The Love Statue is an outrageous and triply look at the drug-fueled sex parties of the 1960's New York Greenwich Village, directed by David Durston, the genius behind the horror cult classic "I Drink Your Blood." Tyler Westin, a free-living Greenwich Village painter, is in love with cabaret dancer. Relations between the two become tense, however. After and acid trip, Tyler finds her dead on the floor. Did her kill her? And how does this tie in to his crazy hallucination about making love to a statue?

One Touch of Venus (1948)

A fantasy comedy about a young window dresser who kisses a statue of Venus, which then comes to life in the form of the stunning Ava Gardner as the Goddess of Love. The problems begin, however, when Venus falls in love with him.

Akt-Skulpturen. Studienfilm für bildende Künstler

Live Sculptures (1903) German

Two nude models pose on a rotating stage representing mythological themes and scenes from the Bible.