LIAF presents an anti-Valentines Screening

Master Blaster 1

Doors 7-30pm (8PM start)

Tickets £8 / £6 concession (CLICK HERE)

Total running time: 91 minutes

We’ve dug deep down into the bowels of the LIAF archive and come up with 90 minutes of incredible animated films related to the theme of love on this most romantic of occasions, St.Valentine's Day – especially for all you starry-eyed lovers out there, or for those of you who think love stinks.

These films have been put together by the UK’s most eclectic and largest animation festival. Expect to be charmed, horrified and inspired in equal measures by this special collection of all things quixotic. Full details on the LIAF website at

Films screening include the following though we are also planning on slipping in a few surprise last-minute films.


Master Blaster

Sawako Kabuki

Japan, 2015, 4’00

A girl would like to be together forever with her sweetheart. Emotions start swirling. Yearning, possessiveness, jealousy, and guilt.


Chaud Lapin

Geraldine Gaston, Floria Andrivon, Alexis Magaud, Mael Berreur & Soline Bejuy

France, 2014. 5’20

A corny but passionate love story featuring the forgotten art of model shipbuilding.


A Family Portrait

Joseph Pierce

UK, 2009, 5’00

A family portrait session goes horribly wrong as secrets and jealousy bubble to the surface under the photographer’s watchful gaze.


15th February

Tim Webb

UK, 1995, 6’35

Love gone wrong in 294 cuts. Winner of the 1995 ICA Dick Award as ‘the most provocative, innovative and subversive short film of the year’.


The Lady and the Fly

Jon Link & Mick Bunnage (Modern Toss)

UK, 2015, 6’40

A lovestruck fly falls for the woman of his dreams, only to find himself bound in a web of his own deluded nightmare. Voiced by Mackenzie Crook and Paul Kaye.


Amelia and Duarte

Alice Guimaraes & Monica Santos

Portugal/Germany, 2015, 8’05

Two lovers struggle to cope after their relationship ends in this dazzling pixilated world.



Julia Pott

UK, 2010, 3’45

Do you remember when we met? You were brilliant, witty, gorgeous to look at…something’s changed.



Jesse Rosensweet

Canada, 2007, 7’50

In a perfect suburb a perfect new day breaks. Husband and wife set the day in motion, exactly in the same way as yesterday.


12 Years

Daniel Nocke

Germany, 2010, 4’00

For twelve years she ignored sneers and mockery and stood up for her relationship. But that was probably a mistake.



Signe Baumane

Latvia/USA, 2009, 11’25

Amina is 17 and pregnant. Afraid to give birth she goes to older women for consolation and advise but their stories scare her even more.



Juan Pablo Zaramella

Argentina, 2011, 6’20

In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.


Bertie Crisp

Francesca Adams

UK, 2011, 8’00

Bertie – half bear, half panda, lives in the a caravan park with his sociopathic rabbit wife, Grace. Grace wants to have a baby, thinking it will make her life better. The only problem is she wants one immediately.


This is Love

Lei Lei

China, 2010, 2’40

A high-speed, high-impact, brightly coloured exposé on the intricacies of love.



Georges Schwizgebel

Switzerland/Canada, 2011, 7’00

While on an airplane, a traveller's spirit plunges into a dream world. Here, under the influence of the unknown, the logic of his desires prevails, and a romantic saga takes shape.


Get Well Soon/Sorry To Hear You Snapped Your Banjo String

Matt Oxborrow

UK, 2010, 4’00

Beast tells a grisly tale of personal injury to a sex-worker.