LIAF 2014 The Best of the Next: International Student Festival Prog 1 & 2


Programme 1 October 27, 7:30 pm



Our festival-within-a-festival…

We received graduation reels from more than 60 animation and film schools around the world. From these we selected the best and came up with two international programmes and 25 films. Here you have a brilliant window into the future of animation.

Waiter (Ryoji Yamada, Japan). Tama University, 8’50 2013 A hard-working and harassed barrista drinks himself into oblivion.

 (Natalia Krawczuk
, Poland), Polish Film School, Lodz, 1’04 2012 Table tennis is a LOT funnier without the ball. Although scoring is harder.

 (Carmen Buchner
, Germany), Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, 3’50 2013 A flower meadow in summer. An ocean out of bright colours, a paradise for countless animals. Look closer and deeper and you discover it is a venue for the never-ending battle of survival.

Canuck Black (Rebecca Archer, UK), National Film and TV School, 9’45 2014 In a shadowy interrogation room a homicide file lies open in front of two frustrated cops. Behind a one-way mirror sits the main suspect, a hulking bear named Canuck Black.

Wounded Man (Hye-Won Kim, South Korea), Kaywon, 3’24 2013 A detachable nose isn’t a party trick, it is a social liability – and it encourages the eye to make a break for it as well.

The New Species (Katerina Karhankova, Czech Republic), FAMU, 6’15 2013 Stumbling across a mysterious bone sparks the imaginations of three kids, who decide to seek scholarly wisdom from a paleontologist and see what clues they can dig up.

The Mist Is Coming In (Sophie Racine, Belgium), La Cambre, 5’05, 2013 Masking the cityscape, the mist helps drift the imagination of one jaded pedestrian towards the simple, classical pleasures of the clean and uncluttered wilderness of streams and mountains.

Another Round (Jane Mumford, Switzerland), HSLU, 2’45 2013 At a party, a waitress tries to supply the band with drinks to keep the music playing. But she didn’t anticipate the motley crew of party guests.

Planetes Apres Planetes (Titouan Bordeau, France), La Poudriere, 4’00 2013 A normal day’s work exploring a remote asteroid for space mineral samples is interrupted by some annoying pigeons that don’t seem to understand what is at stake.

Blackout (Sharron Mirsky, Canada), Mel Hoppenheim School Of Cinema, 4’00 2013 A first person account of the major electrical failure that plunged Toronto into darkness one evening and the way it brought out the simple community spirit in so many otherwise unconnected people.

The Blooms (Ayasa Kugenuma, Japan), Tokyo University of the Arts, 5’40 2013 A richly coloured tribute to the beauty of the natural world and to voluptuous femininity.

 It’s Time For Supper (Saki Muramoto, Japan), Tokyo University of the Arts, 8’30 2013 Playtime ends at 5 o’clock. Then comes the vague period between playtime and dinnertime at home.

IOA (Gabriel Moehring, Switzerland), HSLU, 2’12 2013 Five inflatable little vowels philosophise about the meaning of life as they experience it.



Programme 2 October 27, 9pm

Passer Passer (Louis Morton, USA), USC School of Cinematic Arts, 3’00 2013 A glorious city symphony celebrates the hidden world of background noise.

Animal (Benoit Dulac, Laura Foglino, Julien Jude, Oriane Mulleras-Elatmari, Benoit Viogeas & Danyang Wang, France), Supinfocom, 5’29 2013 An improbable jailbreak turns the tables on the one time cruel keeper of the key and unleashes an orgy of diverse retributions.

The Elephants Garden (Felix Colgrave, Australia), RMIT, 5’05 2013 A glimpse into a uniquely psychedelic Garden Of Eden – evolution’s (very) alternative universe.

Knots (Lisa Leudolph, Arzu Saglam & Lea Stirnimann, Switzerland) HSLU, 5'31 2013 Traversing the city, the view from the window goes from the banal to the bizarre to unbelievable and, finally, to the fully abstract. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

A Hedgehog’s Visit (Kariem Saleh, Germany), Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, 5’30 2013 Poor hedgehog. The long drive and a bad case of nerves is not the only obstacle he faces in trying to win the girl’s heart.

Cold Heart (Ding Shiwei & He Liang, China), Chinese Academy of the Arts, 5’05 2013 In the midst of the night and the solitude of the woods, a car breakdown is the prelude to a terrifying conclusion.

Wild Wild Ham (Eri Kawaguchi, Japan), Tokyo University of the Arts, 5’00 2013 A member of the volleyball club lies face up on the ground in rest time during practice, just breathing, overwhelmed by the feeling of the wind blowing through her toes.

Fox Spirits (Hitomi Nakamura, Japan), Tokyo University of the Arts, 4’00 2013 Some come by car or train, some walk. Here comes the annual gathering of fox spirits.

The N Station (Po-Han Lee, Chun-Wei Kuo & Chung-Shiuan Lin, Taiwan), National Taiwan University Of Arts, 6’21 2012 Understanding how The N Station works requires patience and a passion for the miniscule mechanics of it all.

Spectators (Ross Hogg, UK), Edinburgh College of the Arts, 4’00 2013 Inverting the expected focus of a football match, an observational study of those on the periphery, revealing the diversity of character found among football spectators.

Mythopolis (Alexandra Hetmerova, Czech Republic), FAMU, 11’35, 2013 Even though they are legends, Medusa and the Minotaur have the same problems as all of us do.

The Sine Wave (Neely Goniodsky, UK) Royal College of Art, 4’30 2013 A journey through the ups and downs of life using the humble sine wave as guide, seer and surfboard.