LIAF 2012

7pm: Music Video Session (15)

Dirty Alice – ‘Power Crown’ (Chris Bristow)

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Animation is an integral element in many of the best music videos. Producing them also provides a commercially viable way for animators to earn a living and produce work they can be proud of. Here are nineteen of the world’s best and most innovative music videos produced in the last 12 months, providing a visual mash-up of styles, techniques and genres.

Sunset Rubdown – ‘Nightingale/December Song’ (Theodore Ushev) Lorn – ‘Ghosst(s)’ (CRCR) Wagon Christ – ‘Chunkothy’ (Celine) Björk – ‘Crystalline’ (Peter Sluszka & Michel Gondry) The Beards – ‘Got Me A Beard’ (Chris Edser, Bill Northcott & Jarrod Prince) Scratch Bandits Crew – ‘Heart Beat’ (Nicolas Dufoure/Icecream) We Cut Corners – ‘The Male Mind’ (Remy M Larochelle) Bonobo – ‘Eyesdown’ (Anthony Schepperd) Kottarashky & the Rain Dogs – ‘Demoni’ (Theodore Ushev) My Dry Wet Mess – ‘Etc’ (Martin Allais) Moones – ‘Better Energy’ (Peter Sluszka) We Cut Corners – ‘Pirates Life’ (Kijek/Adamski) Lorn – ‘Weigh Me Down’ (Max Friedrich) Dirty Alice – ‘Power Crown’ (Chris Bristow) Boy – ‘Joey’ (Fluorescent Hill) Gotye – ‘Making Mirrors’ (Gina Thorstensen & Nacho Rodriguez) Cornershop feat. Izzy Lindqwister – ‘Who’s Gonna Lite Up’ (Rocket Science – Vidya Sharma & Rajesh Thomas) Tom Waits – ‘Hell Broke Luce’ (Matt Mahurin)

9pm Late Night Bizarre (18)

‘Organopolis’ (Nieto, 2011)

LIAF’s annual, ever popular, irresistible, train-wreck of a programme – you wanna’ turn away but you know you can’t. Expect meat in all the wrong places, drunk babies, slimy politicians, Siamese twins, deranged zombies and Yoko Ono!

‘Arts and Crafts Spectacular 2′ (Sebastien Wolf & Ian Ritterskamp, 2012) Germany, 7’50 Entangled histories transform a museum into a sitcom. Jeff Koons meets Cicciolina, Yoko Ono talks about meeting John Lennon.

‘Lazarov’ (Nieto, 2011) France, 5’00 Refusing to accept the decline of the U.S.S.R., a handful of Russian scientists work secretly to resurrect Soviet power through the mysterious program Lazarov.

‘tWINs’ (Peter Budinsky, 2011) Slovakia, 5’26 Siamese twins fight it out in the boxing ring but the competition really heats up when it’s time for bed.

‘Frosted Chocolate Mouse’ (Donato ‘Milkyeyes’ Sansone, 2011) Italy, 2’43 Conjoined twins, a flock of birds, a flotilla of fish and a spooky rabbit.

‘Mulvar Is Correct Candidate’ (Patrick Desilets, 2011) Canada, 1’08 Mulvar make precious fuel come from eyes! Vote Mulvar.

‘SPONCHOI Pispochoi’ (Pecoraped – Ikue Sugidono, Miyako Nishio, 2010) Japan, 6’07 Warts! Moles. Oh, let’s start exchanging.

‘Rosette’ (Romain Borrel, Gael Falzowski, Benjamin Rabaste & Vincent Tonelli, 2011) France, 5’03 In a cured meats deli, a customer starts fantasising about the butcher and a universe of pork products.

‘The Scream’ (Sebastian Cosor, 2011) Romania, 3’23 “I was walking along a path with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red…. and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.” Edvard Munch, 1893

‘What Does Otto See?’ (Neil Baker, 2011) UK, 6’35 Otto, a decrepit busking hobo, bashes out a jaunty tune on his toy piano to amuse passers by and hopefully earn him the odd coin.

‘Bugu’ (Aynur Fomin Çatal, 2011) Turkey, 3’10 Bugu’s gentle walk in the countryside is interrupted by underground demons.

‘Koppiekrauw’ (Erik Butter, 2011) Netherlands, 1’30 One very bad parrot.

‘Zombirama’ (Ariel López V & Nano Benayón, 2011) Argentina, 7’00 March 1976. Buenos Aires is invaded by a group of zombies. The plague grows, enveloping the city with fear and desolation, and finds its climax in the Nineties.

‘Organopolis’ (Nieto, 2011) France, 2’30 The physical and emotional journey affecting a young pupil’s everyday life through the reactions of their body organs.

‘Las Palmas’ (Johannes Nyholm, 2011) Sweden, 13’00 A tragicomic version of Easy Rider featuring the Director’s baby in the combined roles of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper.