In which kinoKulture went travelling to Lithuania, and here's what they said about us..."Kaunozokultura" we have to write it [skrandis] On the 29th of november in m.zilinskas gallery's cinema club "Galerijos kinas" David Ellis with ICAC introduced till then nowhrere showed program of three hours from organization in London The Horse Hospital. We have to write that the words "nowhere" means not only Lithuania, but the world too. This mix of films was seen by nobody except ?The Horse Hospital? chief J.Holland, who put all program in two vhs cassettes and gave it to curator D.Ellis. As i know, this man had no possibilities to relook it till the day of show in Kaunas. even on the day of event there was no chances to relook everything and cessettes were just checked...

we have to mention, that till the start of evening was no obviously when and how musicians from Tango will participate in event. by the way, they were desirable almost since the first contact with D.Ellis. And he was wright, they were just in the place and in the time. It's a pitty but it was hard to bring Darius Ciuta, Gintas K. and one more extrem music creater in all power in this event, but they and all of us where no amazed of it. i will mention that everything in this evening was in the air. till the start of event there was nothing clear. nobody knew what is in the cassettes, nobody knew what the place in the event have musicians and what the program will be. everything was unreal. i think it was hard to understand what's happening not just for me or to the chief of cinema club Linas, but to the Ellis too. He tried to be everywhere and to do everything. From the side it looked like total chaos. but, we have to mention, there was no any ambarrassment or disorder. as i understood in the end of evening, everything had to be like that. The event, representing super interesting and super powerfull short and longer films (what a true "Teletubies rising"!!! ), became to art piece itself. everything was happening in one time, so to see all picture we could just after the event. people were leaving club because of no understanding or inscrutable views, but after a few minutes they were going back. one girl even lost consciousness, but before that she couldn't draw away eyes from the scene or to leave club. all people were sucked by the films. after the event, in the morning, i understood that THAT was very profesional. The curator of event is creater of event. idea which we can find in the internet about "The Horse Hospital" is realised not just by words but by work too. i don't need to speak about the films... attempt to be perfect... do we need it? We just have to do anything, not to be afraid to make mistakes. we have to learn to make them useful for us. it was not underground, it was the top. i wanted to get these films and to leave it in the ICCA, but somebody inside me told to me, that... i dont know, but i couldn't ask... Everything had to stay as author wanted... authors... everything had to stay in the air.