kinoKULTURE presents the very first KINO KETAMINEMA - a night to forget Saturday 29th April, 7.30pm entry UKP 7 / 5 members / concessions Programme includes: FELL IN LOVE WITH A FREEMASON Aryan Darzi (2006) World premiere of this short film by the unspeakably unrepeatable Aryan Darzi. A ketamine spasticated surveillance of London's Grand Lodge & its curiously fat inhabitants. & THE SloMO VIDEO FESTIVAL Sizzurp cinema! A hundred films by a hundred artists from all over the world, all one minute long, all in sllloooowww mottttiiiiooonn. Kick celerity in its skinny pants as we join Japan's Sloth Club & the Society for the Deceleration of Time in kicking back & pondering the mysteries of time & space in one of the druggiest hundred minutes of your life. Cinema chopped & screwed. (Bring your own codeine. There may be a corking charge.)