Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Early Shorts

A screening of early short films by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, an internationally acclaimed French filmmaker.



How many films directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet have you seen? His feature films such as Amélie (2001) and Delicatessen (1991) are widely distributed and loved by people all around the world, but have you also seen Jeunet's early short films before? There are not so many opportunities to watch his early shorts, but Oyster Shorts will bring 3 of Jeunet’s short films to London audiences! Don't miss the opportunity to watch his early short films on a big screen!


Foutaises (1989)

A man talks about things he likes and things he doesn’t like. Starring Dominique Pinon.

Pas de Repos pour Billy Brakko (1983)

Billy Brakko learns a surprising news from a newspaper.

Le Bunker de la Dernière Rafale (1981)

Co-directed with Marc Caro

A military platoon, hidden away in a bunker at an undetermined moment in time, live in an ambiance of perpetual tension and madness, lying in wait for a supposed and invisible enemy. The discovery of a ‘non regulation’ and ‘unidentifiable’ object is followed by a series of catastrophes. (Text taken from:


About Oyster Shorts

Oyster Shorts is a project to showcase short films that need to be exposed more to the public.

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Films are provided by L’agence du court métrage, all films are in original language (French) with English subtitles.