Wednesday 9th July, 7.30pm£5-£4 mems/concs We Have No Art 1967 26 minutes (Filmed at Immaculate Heart College,Los Angeles) From Marshall McLuhan,Corita quotes the Balinese saying,"We have no art, we do everything as well as we can". She comments,"I think that should be our motto for the art department...You see, you don't have art off in a special category" she says ,"Ideas can come from anywhere". Her Pop Art serigraphs famously use advertising slogans and imagery, as well as words from literature and the news. Her 'happenings' heighten awareness for a classroom or an auditorium of 500. Her drawing class visit a car wash for an exercise in looking. Mary's Day 1964 12 minutes (Filmed at Immaculate Heart College, Los Angles) This Documentary records an experiment in making a traditional celebration contemporary with Pop Art. Admired by Charles and Ray Eames, Buckminster Fuller and Saul Bass, Sister Corita Kent was one of the most innovative and unusual pop artists of the 1960s, battling the political and religious establishments, revolutionising graphic design and encouraging the creativity and practising as a Catholic nun in California. Mixing advertising slogans and poetry in her prints and commandeering nuns and students to help make ambitious installations, processions and banners, Sister Corita's work is now recognised as some of the most striking - and joyful - American art of the 60s - Julie Ault. Danielson: A Family Movie (or, Make a Joyful Noise HERE) 2006 105 minutes Starring Danielson Famile & Sufjan Stevens with cameos from Steve Albini, Rick Moody, David Garland and DANIEL JOHNSTON. Creativity vs. accessibility Christian faith vs. popular culture Family vs. individuality This intimate and eloquent documentary traces the unorthodox path of Daniel Smith - eccentric musician,visual artist and devout Christian - as he creates a musical phenomenon with siblings and friends under the name Danielson Famile, eventually struggling to realise his own identity as an artist once the family members begin their own adult lives. Along the way he mentors an unknown singer-songwriter named Sufian Stevens whose subsequent success stands in contrast to the music world's uneasy reception of Danielson just a few years earlier. Combining hybrid story telling, essential live performances, animated sequences and danielson archives, director J.L Aronson offers a provocative yet subtle look at life outside the mainstream.