Hymn To Thanateros

Last chance to see the World Premiere Installation of this work in progress by Tasman Richardson and Jubal Brown.Sampling over 90 films from Anal Virgins to Titanic through Scanners and Necromantik, Brown and Richardson have created an epic of reconstructed horror, taking the viewer through a 23 minute history of classic imagery combined with digital editing. Merging narrative collapse with form, Hymn To Thanateros is the future of film, video, music and fear combined. Installation Wed 16th April / Thurs 17th April 12 - 6 Viewing by appointment 020 7833 3644 Entrance free.

The Hymn to Thanateros 2003, Jubal Brown & Tasman Richardson, colour/b&w The Hymn to Thanateros is an experimental abstract narrative video based on montage, juxtaposition and rhythmic editing. It is designed to invoke the feelings in the viewer sympathetic to the subject matter. Thanateros, a unification of the Gods of Love and Death, represents the constant conflict of Love vs. Death as a sensational clash. Throughout the development of the piece the interdependence of these two apparently disparate elements will be made clear: elucidating their necessity to each other