Saturday 27th June Doors 7:30pm £5 The Church of Late Night Sinners presents... HOMOCCULT & OTHER ESOTEROTICA Curated by Daniel McKernan & Richie Rennt Curses, Hexes & Boots SUPERM (Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny) 2006, USA Featuring Masterboy Tom Dura & Joakim Andreasson in an erotic ritual involving a roomful of boots. With a voice-over by Scott Treleaven: "I live in a haunted house." Boyfriend #3 Todd Verow 2005, USA A couple, having been together for years, must come up with twisted, exciting new sexual scenarios to keep their relationship interesting. Self_Love Roberto Ratti 2007, Italy In collaboration with Black Sun Productions for their new album, Chemism. Featuring Emiliano Pesenti and Massimo & Pierce masked, in an abandoned art school (Juventus Schule) in Zurich where they were squatting at the time. This work is set in an urban reality and touches on the last man's crash encounter with himself, where he is his own nemesis. GOD (Episode 6 of 21) Terence Koh 2007, Switzerland/Germany Documentation by Michel Balague of a art/sex ritual/performance of the same title which just happened at De Pury in Zurich. "My Path to Heaven; Are you Blind, Bastard?" As Doors Open Into Space Peter Christopherson/The Threshold Houseboys Choir 2003-2006, Thailand Documentation of the GinJae Festival, where a series of rituals are performed in which the participants (all young males, mostly tattooed tearaways or troublemakers) were in trance or possessed states, induced into such by their leader or "Holy Man." In such states, the boys seemed not to feel pain. "We all get the gods we deserve. Veneration X Daniel McKernan & Richie Rennt 2007, USA An homage & attempt to reach each other. Ghost-like images of the two of us fade in & out of static & seem to always just miss each other. Set to Black Sun Productions' "Veneration X." Sing me that love song again. Uncle Billy Black Sun Productions (Massimo & Pierce) 2007, Switzerland A tribute to William S. Burroughs. Filmed in Barcelona in February 2007. In collaboration with Lukas Beyeler & Carlotta Steinemann. Featuring Ennio Nobili and Othon Mataragas (of Current 93). Ordeal by Roses Lee Adams 2003, UK Inspired by one of Eikoh Hosoe's photographs of Yukio Mishima, who in 1970 committed ritual suicide by disembowelment. "Hell has degrees, so does love, and I reached its lowest circle and its heights." — Jean Genet. S/HE IS HER/E Morrison Edley/Edward O'Dowd 2007, USA The drummer of Psychic TV/PTV3 gives an amusing personal look at Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. Pantelia Micki Pellerano 2006, USA, video, 10 min. An examination of the mystical and erotic significance of the number ten. Ecstatic (from Self-Obliteration) Ron Athey 2007, UK A stand-alone performance of Ron's which starts out somewhat absurd & campy and soon twists into an intense, bloody & compelling work. The Pandrogeny Manifesto Breyer P-Orridge, Dionysos Andronis and Aldo Lee 2006, USA / France Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge explore the “third mind