HALLOWEEN Twilight Zone Mini-marathon

Saturday 31st October 2009Doors: 6pm Tickets £5 advance purchase Buy tickets HERE £6 on the door from 6pm. btwilight-zone-eye-of-the-beholder.jpg As a little bit of fun and in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the epic television series The Twilight Zone Inheritance will be presenting two mini-marathons of the show at the Horse Hospital. The first installment will take place on HALLOWEEN, Saturday 31 October with post-screening live music until midnight. the-twilight-zone.jpeg The mini-marathons will include episodes from every series from 1959 and will be thematically curated into "Everlasting Youth & Plastic Surgery", "The Homoerotic", "Mental Health", "Fascism" with an "Actors & Directors Special" including directorial debuts from Stephen Spielberg and Wes Craven and episodes starring Bette Davis, Dennis Hopper, Dan Akroyd, Portia De Rossi and Bruce Willis. Bands: Trash Kit + Halloween dance party until midnight big_logo.jpg INHERITANCE PROJECTS