Grand Detour Presents Heavy Meta

Highlights from the Summer Screening Series

Doors 7:30 £5

PORTLAND, OR September 23, 2010—Grand Detour focuses on curating exhibitions and presentations from both established and up-and-coming artists.  Additionally we act as a venue for touring shows and individuals wishing to premiere new films, videos, installations, and performances.  The Heavy Meta tour showcases a 60-70 minute presentation of film and video highlights featuring highlights from our popular Summer Screening series. The program (which will also travel throughout the United States this Winter) features short experimental works by Vanessa Renwick, Jon Behrens, Karl Lind, Julie Perini, Carl Diehl, Ben Popp, and others.  Grand Detour founding member Dustin Zemel will use the tour to network with similar arts organizations and microcinemas in Glasgow, London and Berlin, discussing the future and pertinence of creative digital media exchanges in the realm of experimental film and video art.

As much as Grand Detour is passionate about making connections in Portland, we are equally invested in bringing together the international media arts community.  Its our goal to make it that much easier for artists and organizations to find each other and seek out new audiences for screenings and discourse.