Fashion in Film Festival’s Peephole Machines

The Horse Hospital will host one of the Fashion in Film Festival’speephole machines featuring trickery, artifice and artistry in early cinema's serpentine dances and costume transformations.

A commission from designer Mark Garside for the 3rd Fashion in Film Festival: Birds of Paradise, the Kinoscope at The Horse Hospital is part of a London-wide ‘parlour’ installation of twelve peephole machines that reinterpret Thomas Edison’s kinetoscope, revisiting the history of the capital’s cinemas, filmmaking and film-going in the first half of the 20th century.

Turn the wheel to play – at your own speed – a selection of hand-coloured and stencilled early film costume spectacles which include two trick films made by early cinema pioneer, Segundo de Chomón and Gaston Velle’s The Rajah’s Casket (1906), as well as a demonstration of an original kinetoscope in Echo of Applause (1946). Explore the dark-side of costume in early cinema in this bewitching selection! For more information go to

This project is supported by Film London through the UK Film Council’s Digital Film Archive Fund.

Part of the 3rd Fashion in Film Festival: Birds of Paradise