Disasters Of Peace

curated by Kamila Kuc and Sam Jury



It can be said that history oscillates between eras of fixity and power and times of undoing, when things unravel. But these processes of undoing and re-imagining are unlikely the clear and linear events of our historical fictions – more so they are processes of alliance, interrelated acts, of feedback loops. A distinguishing feature of our age is the seismic shifts that have risen from the after-burn of the 20th century.

The fall of communism, the failed colonial projects giving rise to civil war and mass migration, the unfettered consumption that is slowly destroying the planet, and extremist shifts to the right, to religion, to the rule of law through mass surveillance. In Western Democracies we consider ourselves in the longest period of peace, but we are beset by dis-ease and forebodings of disaster. We increasingly fear the other while paranoia and anxiety infuse our media.

This touring programme draws together artist filmmakers who in varying ways are responding to these conditions of re-imagining, undoing and reformation - the rhizomatic and amorphous territory of the intermezzo – a place where we are as likely to look back as we are to imagine a future.


Gabriela Golder (Argentina)

Lynne Marsh (Canada)

Allan Hughes (Northern Ireland/UK)

Sam Jury (UK) and Sarah Goldstein (USA/Canada)

Kamila Kuc (Poland/UK/USA)

Eliza Newman-Saul (USA)

Bryan Konefsky (USA)

Reed O’Beirne (USA)

Richard Ashrowan (Scotland/UK)