FRIDAY 5TH MAY kinoKULTURE is proud to present the UK premiere of THE DEAD BROTHERS Death Is Not The End Year: 2005 Genre: Documentary Duration: 90 min. Synopsis: The portrait of one of the worlds stranger bands - The Dead Brothers, a Psycho Slavic Country & Eastern funeral band that knows where to find the death in humour and the humour in death. Meet THE DEAD BROTHERS one of the worlds strangest and most inimitable bands. Rock n Roll meets Gypsy Music meets Delta Blues meets Vaudeville Cabaret meets Hank Williams meets Tom Waits…and that’s only the film’s musical side! Thematically THE DEAD BROTHERS – Death Is Not The End, takes you on a rollercoaster ride that ranges from death to humour, from genocide to the Armenian Diaspora and from the need of creation to black slapstick humour and back. In the company of the director and DJ Scratchy!! Roots'n'Rockers'n'Reggae: The Rock and The Roll of the World Globalista Rhythms and the Universal Blues 7UKP/ 5 concs 0207 833 3644