Chris Marker 1921-2012: The Memory of the Image

10.30am to 10pm Free Admission. Donations encouraged to cover costs.

The death in July of Chris Marker, aged 91, brings to an end one of the most remarkable creative journeys of the last century.

Marker started making films in the 1950s and came to international attention alongside his New Wave collaborators Alain Resnais and Agnès Varda in the 1960s. Credited with inventing the ‘essay-film’, Marker was not only a film-maker but also a photographer, activist, globe-trotter, multimedia pioneer, and cat-lover. During a lifetime of unceasing, engaged and committed creativity, he fashioned a unique and genre-defying body of work.

Chris Marker: The Memory of the Image is a day of free screenings and discussion to mark his passing and honour his achievements. It will range across his career, including rarely seen early works, collaborations, and classics such as La Jetée and Sans soleil.

With introductions by special guests, it is curated and hosted by Chris Darke (writer, critic and correspondent of  CM) and Gareth Evans (Film Curator at the Whitechapel Gallery).


Includes comments and introductions by artists, writers and film-makers who knew, worked with or were influenced by Chris Marker, including John Akomfrah (tbc), Holly Aylett, Peter Chappell, Shezad Dawood, Jeremy Millar (tbc), Uriel Orlow, Sarah Turner and others.

10.30am: Doors open

11.00-11.15: Welcome, opening words

Session 1: (11.15-12.06)

• L’Atelier de Chris Marker[Chris Marker’s Studio] (excerpt from‘Agnès de ci de la Varda’, Agnès Varda, Fr., 2011, 6 min 24s)

• Toute la Mémoire du monde[All the World’s Memory] (Alain Resnais, 1956, Fr., 22 min)

• Dimanche à Pékin [Sunday in Peking] (Chris Marker, Fr., 1956, 22 min)

Session 2: (12.30 -1.40)

• Chris on Chris (Chris Darke, U.K., 1999, 9 min 32s)

• La Jetée (Chris Marker, Fr., 1962, 29 min)

• A Valparaiso [Valparaiso] (Joris Ivens, Fr./Chile; 1963, 29 min)

Lunch: (1.45-2.30)

Session 3: (2.30-4.00)

• Le Mystère Koumiko [The Koumiko Mystery] (Chris Marker, Fr., 1965, 54 min)

• La Sixième Face du Pentagone [The Sixth Side of the Pentagon] (Chris Marker & Francois Reichenbach, Fr., 1967, 27 min)

• Bestiaire: An Owl is an Owl is an Owl (Chris Marker, Fr., 1990, 3 min 18 sec)

Session 4: (4.10-6.15)

• L’Ambassade [The Embassy] (Chris Marker, Fr., 1975, 22 min)

• Sans soleil [Sunless] (Chris Marker, Fr., 1982, 103 min)

Food: (6.15-7.00)

Session 5: (7.15-9.00)

• 2084 (Chris Marker, Fr., 1984, 10 min)

• AK (Chris Marker, Fr., 1985, 74 min)

• Skywriting [For Chris Marker] (Jem Cohen, U.S., 2012, 12 min): WORLD PREMIERE

Session 6: (9.15-11.00)

• Une Journée d’Andrei Arsenevitch [One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevitch] (Chris Marker, Fr., 1999, 56 min)

• Le Souvenir d’un avenir [Remembrance of Things to Come] (Chris Marker & Yannick Bellon, Fr., 2002, 42 min)

• Bestiaire: Chat écoutant de la musique (Chris Marker, Fr., 1990, 2min 47 sec)