25 Nov 2017

‘MUSHROOMS IN HEAT’: George Kuchar Triple Bill

25 Nov 2017
6:30 PM
6:30 PM

Mushrooms in Heat


Chamber of Pop Culture is proud to present ‘MUSHROOMS IN HEAT’: George Kuchar Triple Bill curated by artist and filmmaker Katrine Holmgren.

The Kuchar Brothers – George and Mike – started making films in the Bronx, New York in the 1950’s, before they became teenagers. These films starred their family, friends and whoever else was around and wanted to play a part.

The brothers were inspired by Hollywood but, not having access to the same budgets, they used lo-fi effects and embraced the use of non-actors. They continued this uninhibited, D.I.Y. approach to making film, inspiring other filmmakers such as John Waters, David Lynch and Andy Warhol along the way. Their free-spirited way of working was also brought into George Kuchar’s classes at The San Francisco Art Institute, where he taught for over 40 years making a new student film each semester. George was already a legend of the underground when he met his most recent muse Linda Martinez in the late 1980’s. Linda didn’t think twice about working with him – and they continued their collaboration since, also becoming close friends.

There will be three films showing as part of this screening program, taking you on a journey through an early George Kuchar masterpiece Hold Me While I’m Naked, on to George’s last student production Empire of Evil – a wonderful black and white soap opera starring Linda – and finally culminating with the recent experimental documentary short The Muse of San Francisco which portrays Linda as muse and performer, offering a glimpse into her everyday life in San Francisco.


HOLD ME WHILE IM NAKED, 1966 (17 minutes)

Dir. George Kuchar

George Kuchar stars in, directs and narrates this early-career lo-fi classic.


EMPIRE OF EVIL, 2011 (51 minutes)

Dir. George Kuchar

Made on a $600 budget, this drama was George Kuchar’s last film and his last student production at the San Francisco Art Institute. In his own words it ‘chronicles the moral decline of it’s heroine… It’s a free fall all the way to the bottom destination, hell, and there’s a heck of a lot of nice looking, young people along for the ride’!


THE MUSE OF SAN FRANCISCO, 2016 (22 minutes)

Dir. Katrine Holmgren

The film portrays Linda Martinez – a 79 year old former life drawing/pin up model, and Muse of George Kuchar and others. The filmmaker sets off to find out who Linda really is, following her through her everyday life in San Francisco and to her hometown of Burlington, Iowa.