CYCLE III: Emergence
Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th of April, 7.30pm
entry UKP 7 / 5 members / concessions

The third part in Foolish People theatre company’s six-part series of magickal happenings, written & directed by John Harrigan. Due to demand (the first two parts were packed to the rafters), there will be two performances, beginning on Good Friday. A good Easter treat (if you want to run out shrieking & hallucinating like somebody did at the last one).
We’re expecting this to be busy, so booking ahead is advised, on: 020 7833 3644
“There is no-one more mysterious, terrifying or wonderful than yourselves.
In this pivotal ritual, Cycle III of Dark Nights of the Soul illuminates
guilty shadows where live art becomes weaponised. Dare you traverse the
gap between what you are and what you need to become. Encounter your
future selves in the Spirit Parliament’s defiant sacrifice and timely
emergence. As the apple browns and the first bite ferments in your
stomach, Foolish people’s explosive performance rite invigorates
expectation and intoxicates spectator logic which shall forever remain

For more information, visit the Foolish People website.