Work in other media by working tattoo artists
Gala reception
Saturday October 1st, 7pm onwards
3rd October to 29th October, Monday to Saturday, 12 – 6pm
Artists featured
Naresh Bhuna, Alex Binnie, Mo Coppoletta, Matt Dita
James Glover, Lal Hardy, Zed le Head
Steve Herring, Thomas Hooper, Saira Hunjan
Seth Larnach, Thomas Loisin, Nikole Lowe
Cilla North Luca Ortis, Jason Saga, Duncan X
The Horse Hospital is proud to present a group exhibition of the work of 18 London
tattoo artists. All of the works on display, from religious shrines inspired by the Mexican Day Of The Dead to paintings inspired by pet iguanas, from carved trees to linen needleworks of tattoos of French prisoners, from jewellery to digital art, are works in other media, of tattoo artists working beyond the body, outside of their work.