25 june 2008

Sacred Pastures KinoKULTURE

Wednesday 25th June
Doors 7:30pm
£7/£5 members & concessions
Norbert H. Kox, American Visionary Artist
approximately 20 minutes (Disinformation).
American Outsiders: Norbert Kox
approximately 20 minutes (Pulse).
To Hell and Back: Norbert H. Kox
approximately 20 minutes (various newscasts).
Animation by Cathy Ward with sound by Stephen O’Malley
5 minutes
Norbert Kox will speak and answer questions after the programme.
Norbert Video
See Norbert’s youTube video message here.
A trio of films that provide an insight into Norbert Kox, his work and the world in which he lives.
Featuring the London Premier of Norbert H. Kox, American Visionary Artist produced by Disinformation in an extended 20 minute cut. This sympathetic documentary takes us into the studio and mind of the self-professed apocalyptic surrealist and gives Kox the stage to help us understand the meaning and purpose of his work.
American Outsiders: Norbert Kox gives a mainstream version of Kox’s work providing insight into how the fringes of the establishment try to come to grips with his full-on vision of our near future.
To top it off To Hell and Back: Norbert H. Kox shows, through a collection of news clips from his Wisconsin environs the difficulties brought in harboring a vision at odds with both secular and christian orthodoxy.
Also showing is Sonafeld a unique animation that brings the evocative worlds of Cathy Wards drawings into hyperreality. Sonafeld features the track “Keep an Eye Out” by Stephen O’Malley.