9 Dec 2017

LIAF 2017: Late Night Bizarre

9 Dec 2017
9:00 PM

belials dream


The London International Animation Festival returns to the Horse Hospital over 3 nights with 6 eclectic and inspiring screenings and talks with some of the most creative minds working in animation today.

Independent animation is very much alive and kicking and continues to thrive and develop with a breathtaking medley of styles, materials, techniques and genres. From hand drawn, paint on glass, collage and sculpture, to cut-outs, puppets, abstract and sand/salt – LIAF 2017 showcases all of this.


This ever-popular Late Night Bizarre programme is a bunch of anti-classics guaranteed to be as far away from Disney as its possible to get. A dirty fistful of 18 of the weirdest, wildest, most demented films hand-picked from the 2,600 entered.

Our Music Video Session is back and screens just before this one at 7pm. You can buy tickets for both screenings for just £12 + booking fee.

For both Music Video Session & Late Night Bizarre book tickets here.


Late Night Bizarre film titles:


Poko Poko Shopping

Piro Pito (Japan)

Poisonous pacifiers and fresh internal organs – yum! This one is for all you baby-lovers!

3min, 2014


Belials Dream

Robert Morgan (UK)

Belial – the deformed twin from the Basket Case saga – has an unsavoury dream.

5min, 2017


Blind Eyes

Yifan Hu (USA)

Sexual identity and personal chaos. The eyes have it!

3min, 2016


Summers Puke is Winters Delight

Sawako Kabuki (Japan)

This deliriously explicit film is truly demented, but with a serious core buried deep within its delightful insanity.

3min, 2016



Arjan Brentjes (Netherlands)

Get up early, take your vitamins, drink lots of water, exercise and wipe the sand off your face.

5min, 2017


North Korean Pop

Gabe Mangold (USA)

Rodman – an erotic adventurer and a very intense individual. Real life is weird!

3min, 2016


Call of Cuteness

Brenda Lien (Germany)

A consumerist nightmare. This cat is not cute, this cat is devoured, exploited and controlled.

4min, 2017


The Correct Insult

Janis Aschberger (Germany)

How to swear and keep swearing.

5min, 2015


Jungle Taxi

Hakhyun Kim (Japan/South Korea)

In a sticky night in the jungle, a taxi spirits a mysterious passenger to their destination.

8min, 2016


Spinny Headed Guy

Nigel Clark (USA)

Things are about to get messy with this guy who’s head keeps spinning.

1min, 2016


Thank you Very Much R.I.P Jolyne

Yifan Hu (USA)

A heartfeltode to Jolyne, the filmmakers dead cat who has gone to cat heaven.

1min, 2016


Hot Dog Hands

Matt Reynolds (USA)

Part fairytale, part nightmare – this woman can’t stop growing fingers.

7min, 2017



Julian Gallese (Costa Rica)

We tend to better appreciate the values of light when we wake up somewhere different every day.

7min, 2017


Nou Nen feat.utae

Sawako Kabuki (Japan)

A kaleidoscopic reverie of sexual encounters fluidly morphing to the jubilant beats of Japanese pop music.

3min, 2015



Daria Kopiec (Poland)

Muscles, skin, heart – they all long to be touched.

2min, 2016



Jamie Wolfe (USA)

The disgusting, oozing joys of shared houses.

3min, 2016


When The

Raffaele Gans-Pfister (USA)

A boy reads a book.

4min, 2016


Double King

Felix Colgrave (Australia)

In an anarchic land a mysterious king with seemingly no subjects goes on a violent crusade to claim as many crowns as possible.

10min, 2017