The most bona bijou lattie in the whole of Eine

13 – The Salon Of Exotic Reason has been serving the public as a Free Masonic Lodge for the 21st century since 1999. A free space in which artists, faggots, niggers, writers, musicians, lesbos, necromantics, bums, theoreticians, mental disasters and prostitutes come together in the spirit of open communication; engendering since 1999 new and vital collaborations between disparate and often ostracised communities who would not normally have a space in which to meet, stimulating new works of cross-fertilization, or sterility, depending upon your bent.
’13’ operates generally once a month, and is MEMBERS AND GUESTS of THE HORSE HOSPITAL ONLY. Should you wish to become a member, please send us an email.
No ducking, petting, bombing or diving in the shallow end.