has this to say about us in this month’s superlative edition

One of London’s finest venues The Horse Hospital has launched an interactive website detailing current events, listings and features on previous events (Tibet/Stapleton, Joe Coleman, Savage Pencil exhibitions; film screenings by Coop, Kozik; performances from the Amal Gamal Ensemble and much, much more). There’s also the opportunity to post comments. The Horse Hospital regularly present rare films, music and art. If you’re ever in London it should be added to your must-see list. Upcoming events include a night of rare David Lynch films and This Is Nowhere, a documentary by Doug Hawes-Davis on April 27th. Sunday May 4th features a symposium with Whitehouse’s William Bennett and Philip Best, who are joined by Russell Haswell and Jack Sargeant. This is part of Why You Never Became A Dancer event presented by Hinoueuma, as mentioned above. For more information go to