Strange Birth
The Grant Museum of Comparative Anatomy, UCL, London
3. March – 3. May 2005

Strange Birth
is a photographic exhibition, where selected, lith printed
photographs from Maud Larsson’s ongoing collaborative project
encompassing the Grant Museum of Comparative Anatomy, UCL and the
Natural History Museum of Gothenburg, Sweden, is on show.
Maud Larsson is an artist and photographer whose visuals deal with
the themes of origin and rebirth. Her current work concerns
primary, pre-verbal imagery and how memories, especially fearful
ones, can get locked in the physical body. Her artistic production
shows a strong interest in the crossover of arts and science,
particularly with regards to psychology and evolution.
Strange Birth draws attention to our quiet and inner selves, where
individual stories are captured and distilled into a physical
entity. In these affecting places we can explore beginnings and
endings which are simultaneous. The mysteries that shroud such
beginnings and endings are stripped away, exposing primitive,
emotive matter.
Strange Birth speaks loudly about quietly unspoken things and gives
the hidden a voice which the viewer can interpret freely; emotive
pictures exploring the articulation
and evolution of the stories that unite us all.