September 01, 2003

Chamber of Pop Culture

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Unquiet Voices

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English & American Visionary Art 1903 – 2003

October 13th - November 15th 2003
Mon - Sat 12 - 6

An exhibition in celebration of 10 years of
The Chamber Of Pop Culture
featuring work from :

Joe Coleman / Vonn Stropp / Austin Osman Spare / Norbert Kox / Charles Benefiel / Nick Blinko / Malcolm McKesson / Paul Rumsey /
Laurie Lipton / Donald Pass

From the sidereal portraits of Austin Osman Spare to the revelations of Norbert Kox, the UK’s National Gallery Of Underground Art, The Chamber Of Pop Culture and the world’s leading Outsider Art portal, The Henry Boxer Gallery, synaethesise in one exhibition the collected talents of Art Brut, Visionary Art and Modern British and European work to trace an overview of visionary art from the 20th century to beyond.

Obsessively out of time, each artist inhabits a sole focus within the subterfuge of their own dialogue - Vonn Stropp sees pre-raphaelite psychedelia; each world we're privileged to partake of is one we may know - the Freudian nightmares of Laurie Lipton’s pencil – but within the work a glimpse becomes a visitation, an entrance into a realm of experience amongst which we live, but only few inhabit – the infernal desire mandalas of Joe Coleman.

These artists collectively morph the human imagination into hyper-realist depictions of states, the body becomes metaphor for lapse of self; desire and transcendence an angel in aspic – Charles Benefiel’s coded language of dolls-by-dots, reducing the personal world to the numerical; the Lovecraftian visions of Rudimentary Peni’s Nick Blinko, where line belies screams; Norbert Kox’s apocalyptic visual parables of fire glazed over; personal impressions succumbing to the demons of external expression.

From the futuro-surrealist fringe, The Horse Hospital brings you the worship of false image; ritualistic symbolism; obsessively morphing fugues; Bosch, Bruegel, Goya; total psychokinetic exposure; transcendent olsexuality; Arcimboldo, Redon, Kubin; metaphoric realism; complex psychological narratives and the immanence of angelic vision.

For further details, information or photos,

please contact James B.L. Hollands ( 020 ) 7833 3644


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posted by Tai on September 1, 2003 11:40 AM

The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HX see full contact details here

"where all paths converge"